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I understand that companies try to produce revenue but to publish this and the Trump countdown clock is just ridiculous . Did you put Obama or any other president in your catalog?

I think not. I will never buy anything else from you or associated companies and I will make sure my circle of friends are aware of the position you have taken.. You may not agree with the present administration but you are adding to the descent of respect for this nation . Yes you have the right to put whatever vile thing you desire in your catalog But not at me address....

Take me off your mailing list. Catalog code 1974844

Reason of review: catalog.

Preferred solution: Don't send me another catalog.

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Who cares about what your feelings are this is commerce and I'm pretty sure Amazon sells the same items but your not complaining about


Well damn. I haven't seen the catalog. But if I don't have a choice for the previous president,I don't want your catalog.

to Anonymous #1489492

They have actually had items for all presidents and hopefuls. Last time I checked we live in a free state and can make fun of or poke at any presidents or presidential candidates ...Relax!


I am requesting removal from your mailing list. Why?

Your disrespect for the office of the President of the USA. Despicable to be selling a dammit doll that clearly depicts our current president. And the countdown clock is another offensive product. And to your "Miss Me Yet" t shirt on page 7,My answer is an emphatic NO!!!

I understand that with free enterprise you have the right to sell anything you please, and I am free to shop anywhere that suits my fancy.

It is unfortunate for you since you have great items that I will no longer buy.

I will be shopping elsewhere.

Cancel catalog #1983497


Liberal garbage catalog. Smears President Tump and praises obama. Quickest way to go out of a company is take political sides I won't bu anything again!!

to brandon #1489494

So don't like seriously who really cares .Besides a handful bigots.

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