After making a purchase for Christmas, I noticed my credit card had been charged $12.97 per month for two months.I called the rep. at Catalog Favorites,and was rudely hung up on.

Finally a rep (Molley) answered and I explained I had never authorized or signed up for a club membership. I was refunded. Be careful of the company, when making a purchase with a credit card.

They will charge your CC without be authorized to do such. I will never make another purchase here and hope all who read this, will avoid this company and please spread the word.

Product or Service Mentioned: Catalog Favorites Membership.

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I did not authorize any payment for a club membership.. 14.95 @mo.

I was told that the membership was cancelled, then the money still came out off my card. I called again and asked for a refund!

They said as a courtesy, they would give me a refund. I’m waiting.


well it is 2018 and they are still up to the same tricks


Typeyour message hereCatalog Favorites VIP program is FANTASTIC. Submitting proof of purchase is VERY SIMPLE on line.

I have already received over $100.00 in rebates----just for shopping where I always have. What a nice bonus.

I will more than pay for my membership each month. THANK YOU.By the way, when I called customer service I was treated like royalty.


I received this as well but called and they immediately canceled and refund my card... but I have to agree I will no longer order from them.. bad business...


I would like to cancel my PGI favorite VIP status. I didn't realize I would be charged every month of $14.95.

Take this of my credit card account, ending in xxxxx9450. Please stop this now.


I would like to cancel subscription for barbararomain441@outlook.com. Thank you

Danbury, Connecticut, United States #1338966

Discontinue VIP membership

Fremont, California, United States #775518

Call 855-226-7056 to cancel - 24x7 service

to Anonymous Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #1045878

I called the first time and no on answered. The second time, I got someone who was very rude.

Oxford, Massachusetts, United States #756640

Actually i have made a purchase from them and the VIP club came up after i clicked place order, and I read the details of the program and it gives you the option to either say no continue to confirmation or yes to sign up. If you read the details like I did because i saw your post about this, you would have seen if you filled out the information you are agreeing that its a 30 day free trial and you are also agreeing to let them bill you after that if you do not cancel within the 30 days.

You can't be automatically signed up for it.

So please before you write a upset complaint because you didn't read the details to something. Oh and I got my free shipping rebates and 10% cash back and what was also awesome is you get free shipping rebates and 5% cash back for 1000 of stores especially this time of the season.

to Anonymous Opelika, Alabama, United States #938499

Thank you for your explanation.

to Anonymous Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #1045880

I realized that it was just as much work to apply for a rebate as it was to fill out a complaint to the attorney generals office.

Arlington, Massachusetts, United States #746651

Most of the representatives they hire are high school dropouts and just plain ***. The customer service is terrible and the online ordering system is in complete shambles.

Its a wonder they are still in business. I wonder if Martha Coakley has investigated them for fraud??


The Catalog Favorites VIP Program is a scam. Do not purchase it at all. I had it for a few months and had alot of problems with it.

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